Get OUT…Of your Comfort Zone!

Yes, that’s me!  I worked (slaved)for the Federal government for 24 plus years. Looked forward to retirement but when I retired, it took 5 months for them to calculate my retirement. Yes, I got back pay but for 5 months I lived off of the generosity of strangers and some investments.  

My first check came and I almost cried. It was less than $700. How would I live on so little?  Eight months later I turned 62 and had to go ahead and draw social security to just make ends meet. 

I had to downsize to a motorhome then to a travel trailer. I volunteer 4-6 hours a week in exchange for a free place to park and utilities.  I’ll turn 67 in a couple of months and I’m tired. 

A few months ago I decided to give up this lifestyle as soon as my job here is done in September and sell my trailer, my home. It’s a scary thought. How will I deal with the change? How will I manage to pay rent and utilities again?  Then I saw something interesting on Facebook about Internet Marketing. Can I do something like that? I wasn’t sure but I contacted the person.  We spoke by phone. What she told me made sense. It didn’t sound too good to be true like so many other claims out there. My initial investment of $49 was totally refundable. I had nothing to lose. 

Very long story short…it was the best investment I ever made. All skepticism gone. I took a leap of faith and invested in myself. 

I’m looking forward, without fear of ending up homeless, to a great retirement with financial freedom. 

I need you to believe in yourself and make an investment in your future. 

Click here and … Leap


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